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Acting Classes

drama-2006-Scrooge-Dinner-Indoor-A31-copyFrom Discovery to Professional Prep!

Two 16 Week Sessions
Bringing the Pros to You!

Professional StaffOur acting teachers are working professionals with degrees in theater arts. The acting program is taught by Joy Sarcewicz Valetto and Elena Wilby.  Allison Green and additional artists supplement the program. Classes are designated as ‘Discovery’ – for those exploring acting for fun or the first time, ‘Developmental’ – for those wishing to learn specific acting skills and ‘Preparatory’ for those seeking or improving upon their professional work in the acting field. Some students may be invited to perform in HPAC or BCPA productions or audition for area agents throughout the year.

For tuition fees and further information, please call 215.757.7775 or email the office. Please include name, phone number, email, and a mailing address when requesting a catalog.

Discovering Acting For Children & Teens

Discover acting through the stage movement, speech and improvisation techniques. Turn ‘improvs’ into stories or stories into scenes. Learn how to develop a character and how to read scripts for theatre or film. Fall semester will lead to beginning monolog studies. The Spring semester will lead into beginning scene study. Scenes performed for family at last class session. School will assign students to Sec. I or II based on ages & experience level.

Students who are ready will join the Scene Study I class.

Youth Acting for Level I (Ages 8-18)
Instructor: Joy Sarcewicz Valletto
Fall:  10/8/15 – 2/11/16
Section I: Thurs, 7:00 pm-8:30 pm
Spring: 2/18/15 – 6/2/15
Section I: Thurs, 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

Mother Goose Acting

Class for Ages 5 thru 7
For our youngest drama kings and queens this fun-filled class will allow young children,to explore theatre through moving, miming and creating plays from their favorite fables,folk and fairy tales. (NOTE: Musikgarten® classes also provide story enactments.)
Instructor: HPAC Staff

Saturdays, 12:30 – 1:30 pm   Fall:  10/8/15 – 2/11/16 •  Spring: 2/18/16 -5/24/16

“Acting Out”

Drama Troupe
After-School Schedule!*
Here imaginative students create, write, produce and perform scenes and plays for community organizations. This creative playwriting develops children’s verbal and written skills and aids in logistical thinking. Guidance is provided to assure that these dramatizations are age appropriate.

Thursdays, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Fall: 10/8/15 – 2/11/16 • Spring: 2/18/15 – 6/2/15


•Professional Preparation for the Serious Actor•

The ‘Biz’ of the ‘Biz’ (For Kids, Teens, Adults)

What makes show business a business?

Anyone interested in professional acting needs to know what to do, what to avoid doing, how to achieve your goals and “keep your head on straight”! For whom and how to audition, get hired and make money and how to prep a headshot & resume. Come with a one minute monolog prepared for class if you wish to be critiqued.

Instructors: Instructors for these workshop/seminars are professionals from the field of acting – sometimes actors and at other times theatrical agents. See website for updates.

Saturday, January 16th  2:00 pm-4:30 pm



Commercial Acting  

Making Your Talent Count!

Learn “character breakdown” and how to “cold read” auditions for film or commercials. What are the professional terms used in shooting commercials and films. what’s the difference between stage acting and film acting?  How to audition; how to get hired and make money in commercials!  Students will be filmed in order to review their own work and progress. For Adults and children who have passed an audition or have the instructor’s permission.

Instructor: Elena Wilby

Wednesdays   7:00 pm-8:45 pm
Fall:  10/7/15 – 1/27/16


Monologs Mastered!

Needed For Auditions

Presenting a monolog challenges many actors. Finding the right material and mastering its nuances includes researching and creating a character with multi-dimensions plus analyzing  each emotional transistion within the piece. Each student will complete two monologs (one dramatic and one comic) for their future auditions. Monologs will be age and “character type” appropriate. This course is recommended before a scene study class. For adults and children who have passed an audition or have the instructor’s permission. 

Instructor: Elena Wilby

Wednesdays 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm
Spring: 2/5/15 – 5/18/15


Scene Study I

Ready for scene study? Learn the basic approaches to character development and effective interaction with your scene partner(s). (Prerequisite: Monologs or Comm. Acting I) Remember that scenes will require time outside of class to memorize material and work with your scene partner(s).
(For mature teens and adults)

Instructor: Joy Sarcewicz


Tuesdays: 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm • Fall: 10/6/15 – 1/26/16 • Spring: 2/9/16 – 5/24/16