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The Voices of Bucks County

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Spring Programs Starting Up! Discovering Acting for Children & Teens, VOICES jr (Singing for Ages 8-14), and VOICES OF Bucks County, a Performance Group for Teens & Adults ... Call 215-757-7775 and sign up today!

This school and training center has been created to provide the highest caliber of professional music, voice and dramatic training for the residents of Bucks County and surrounding areas without the cost and time of traveling into a major city.

As a genuine educational center, we are committed to the student’s development. Our staff is chosen for their professional skills (most have Master’s Degrees).And for the safety of the students, background checks are obtained for everyone on staff.

Class schedules are subject to change based  on enrollment. We are glad to schedule any class at your convenience providing you can help provide adequate enrollment to run the class. If you may have further questions after reading this book, please call us.Our staff is always ready to help you.

Over Thirty Years of Excellence!