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Music Studio Policies

Music Studio Policy

Music education for children or adults is an investment towards a lifetime of musical enjoyment and artistic development. The student commits time and money and our teachers dedicate their time and professional skills. The following policies will assure continuity of study and respect for teacher and student.

Payment Due Dates/ Payment Plans

Tuition for Classes plus the registration fee is payable at the beginning of the semester. Registration and a non-refundable deposit of $50 for classes or 3-week lesson deposit is due by Aug.30, 2015 for the fall term and full tuition is due prior to the first lesson or class. Spring term tuition balances are due January 20, 2016. A multi-payment plan is available on request at the time of registration, for an additional fee of $10 per semester.

Tuition for Lessons, Registration Fee and Lesson Deposit (a non-refundable fee equal to the tuition for 3 weeks lessons) is due and payable at the time of registration (except those paying for entire semester). Upon notice of withdrawal, the lesson deposit will be used for the student’s last lessons or any unexcused absences. No refunds will be given to students discontinuing mid-semester and no lesson ‘credits’ will be carried over into the next semester. (See cancellation policy.)

An Annual Registration Fee of $25.00 per student or $35 per family is due each year. This will be waived for students who continue their private lessons thru the summer or use their lesson deposit to reserve their lesson time for the next fall.

Late Registrations:  A late fee of $25.00 will be charged for registrations received after the registration cut-off date (7 days prior to start of class.)

Late Payments: 

For Classes: Families with an outstanding balance 10 days after the class has started will receive a late notice, and a late payment fee of $30.00 will be charged to their account. If the balance remains unpaid 10 days after the date of notice, your registration will be cancelled and no refunds issued.

For Lessons and multi-payment plans: Students who are 10 days behind in lesson payments or multi-payment plan will receive a late notice and charged a late payment fee of $30.00. If the balance remains unpaid  7 days after the date of notice your registration will be cancelled and no refunds issued.


Private Lessons: There is a 5% Family Discount off the total lesson tuition when two family members are enrolled for lessons and 7% off for 3 or more from the same family are enrolled.

Classes: There is a 10% Discount off the total class tuition (minus material fees) when two or more family members are enrolled for classes. This increases to 20% if the siblings are in the same class. (Not  applicable to performance ensembles or musicianship classes which are already discounted )

Returned Checks: A Fee of $30.00 will be charged for any returned checks.

Withdrawals & Refunds:

Withdrawal Policy: Written notice of a withdrawal must be received by the office and will take effect 1 week after receipt; Neither verbal notification alone nor non-attendance constitute withdrawal.

Classes: 100% of Class tuition is refundable (seven days) prior to start of class.After that time no refunds will be given. However credits towards other classes will be allowed as follows: 50% of tuition prior to second class, 25% prior to 3rd class. After 3rd  class, no credits will be given. Materials fees and Registration Fees an non-refundable unless a class   is cancelled due  to under enrollment.

Lessons: No Refunds will be given for private lessons.

Missed Classes & Make-ups:

Classes and Group Lessons:  Every effort is made to make-up a cancelled, class but only one class per semester is guaranteed to be rescheduled if the school closes for inclement weather. Additional ‘Make-ups’, if possible, must be within one week of semester’s end and will be determined by the teacher’s and students’  availability. No additional make-up classes will be scheduled or carried into the next semester.

Lessons:  A private lesson that is cancelled on the same day as the scheduled lesson will be excused only for a verified emergency.  An ‘excused’ absence (in which the teacher was given 24 hours advance notice) will be made up. Only 2 ‘excused’ absences will be accepted per semester. Any lesson in which the student does not show up and gives no notice will be deemed ‘unexcused’ and will not be rescheduled or credited in any way.

School Closings

The center seldom closes due to inclement weather as most lessons are late in the day when the roads have cleared. However, if Bensalem Schools have issued a school closing, any missed lessons will  be considered ‘excused’ if the teacher is notified prior to the lesson. Call Center to confirm any cancellations.