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Early Childhood

musikgartenEarly Childhood Music

Introduce your child to music in fun-filled classes that include singing, movement to music and playing instruments appropriate to the child’s development, supported by home study packets produced by Musikgarten®. Materials include CD’s for home listening, a parent’s song booklet plus an instrument or poster cards for enjoying music with your child at home every day.

This program supports your child’s on-going musical discovery and development for their first eight years. Structured for the different stages of a child’s preschool development, they provide a gratifying experience that is an excellent foundation for future musical training, develop skills for academic success and bring added joy to your parenting experience.

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For tuition fees and further information, please call 215.757.7775 or email the office. Please include name, phone number, email, and a mailing address when requesting a catalog.

toddlers“Family Music For Toddlers”

(17 months to 3 yrs.) (30 minutes)

Parents accompany children.
2 year Non-Sequential Curriculum
Tuition includes:
First Year : Family Pack, CD “Sing With Me”(Fall) and “Dance With Me” (Spring), Parent’s  Booklet and an instrument.

Second Year: Family Pack, CD “Play With Me ”(Fall) and “Clap With Me” (Spring), Parent’s Booklet and an instrument.


Sec. 1:     Mon., 6:30 pm –  7:00 pm
Sec. 2:     Wed., 10:00 am – 10:30 am
Sec. 3:     Sat.,      9:30 am – 10:00 am

Early-ChildHood-Music“Cycles of Seasons”

(3 1/2 to 5 yrs.) (45 minutes)

Parents join class for last 10 minutes.
1 year Non-Sequential Curriculum
Tuition  includes:
A Family Pack with 2 CD’s, Parent’s Song Booklet and 12 Poster Cards. (Fall; “Wind Dancers” or Spring:” Sun Catchers”.)

Sec. 1:     Tues.,  6:15 pm – 7:00 pm
Sec. 2:     Wed., 10:45 am – 11:30 am
Sec. 3:     Sat.,   10:15 am – 11:00 pm


“Music Makers At Home & Around The World”

Year I (Home) & Year II (World)
Ages 5- 8
Parents join class for last 10 minutes.
2 year Sequential Curriculum

Ear-training, sight-singing and instrument playing skills are continued as music notation is introduced thru songs and games     emphasizing recognition of the rhythmic and    melodic patterns in each song plus ensemble development and multi-cultural music.

(Includes 2 Family Packs, with CDs, song booklets, binder & posters per semester)

Sec. 1:        Wed., 5:30 pm–6:30pm
Sec. 2:        Wed., 11:15 am–12:15pm
Sec. 3:        Sat., 11:15 am–12:15 pm


For Home-School and After-School Enrichment

Our Voices jr  and “Acting Out” are ideal for arts enrichment for home-schooled or charter school children. HPAC is  also available to provide classes in music & drama arts to fulfill other curriculum needs or schedules. For a customized program or scheduling a ‘special arrangement’ class please call the office. (215) 757-7775 ! 

For tuition fees and further information, please call 215.757.7775 or email the office. Please include name, phone number, email, and a mailing address when requesting a catalog.

Suzuki Strings & String Class

The Suzuki method of teaching strings is designed for pre-reading children (4-8 yrs old). This program requires extensive parental involvement in the lessons and home practice. Children learn through private instruction and playing in a class group. Suzuki Violin and Viola is available. Classes meets for 45 minutes every other week and are arranged with the Suzuki teacher.
(Does not include private lesson fee.)

Class Dates:       

Mondays:         Fall:  10/5/15 – 1/18/16   Spring: 1/25/16 – 5/23/16
Tuesdays:         Fall:  10/6/15 – 1/19/16   Spring: 2/2/16 – 5/17/16
Wednesdays:   Fall:  10/7/15 – 1/27/16  Spring: 2/5/16 – 5/18/16
Thursdays:       Fall: 10/8/15 – 2/11/16   Spring: 2/18/116 – 6/2/16
Saturdays:        Fall:  10/3/15 – 1/30/16  Spring: 2/6/16 – 5/21/16

(See school calendar for closed dates and holidays.)

Musikgarten® or a Musicianship class (see page 8) is recommended for all music students.