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After School Programs

Call or email for information on financial aid through BCPAI.

For tuition fees and further information, please call 215.757.7775 or email the office. Please include name, phone number, email, and a mailing address when requesting a catalog.


(Ages 8 – 14, unchanged voice)

VOICES jr is excellent for children who love to sing and wish to further develop their musical skills and opportunities to perform. Perfect for those who want something more challenging than their local school and especially valuable for home-school children or those who attend schools that have no choral program. Music includes ?Pops?, show music, multi-cultural and classical repetoire.

After-School Schedule! Tuesdays: 9/15/15 – 6/8/16 – Tuesdays: 4:00-6:00 pm*
* Student taking voice lessons get a 20% discount! Tuition can be paid in installments.

“Acting Out”

Drama Troupe
After-School Schedule!*
Here imaginative students create, write, produce and perform scenes and plays for community organizations. This creative playwriting develops children’s verbal and written skills and aids in logistical thinking. Guidance is provided to assure that these dramatizations are age appropriate.

Thursdays, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Fall:  Spring: 2/18/16 – 6/2/14

Some financial aid available thru Bucks County Performing Arts Institute. Call for info.